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Curiosity Learning Community Term Four Overview

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome back to another exciting term for learning.
Below is an outline of the curriculum that we will be covering this term.


During Term Four, in Reading and Viewing, students will read a variety of imaginative and informative texts and learn how to identify and paraphrase the main idea. Students will collaborate to compare the use of direct and indirect speech within texts. They will continue to develop their reading fluency and expression when reading aloud.

In Writing, the students will be writing a variety of information texts while applying the correct structure and features. They will be exploring contractions and quotation marks and will be encouraged to use these language features within their writing.

During Speaking and Listening, the students will be participating in collaborative discussions. Students will take notes and be encouraged to ask questions for clarification when working in small groups and in pairs.



In Mathematics, students will continue to model and represent fractions including halves, quarters, thirds,

and fifths and will locate these fractions on a number line. They will explore examples of number patterns
in everyday life and identify rules for these patterns. Students will investigate symmetry within the
environment and identify a range of angles within the classroom.



During Investigations this Term, the topic is, ‘Dream it, Design it, Build it’. Throughout this unit students

will experiment with a range of materials to design or create a model of their choice that would be
beneficial in their day to day lives. Students will examine different models and to identify how forces and
materials are used in a design of an object. Students will participate in an incursion where they will work

collaboratively to explore the materials used to design and build a Billy Cart of motion performance.


In Religious Education, the students will be researching a selection of Franciscan Saints and sharing their knowledge with the school community. Students will explore the Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and develop their understanding about the Joyful Mysteries and how to pray the Holy Rosary. Towards the end of Term students will be preparing for the birth of Jesus during the season of Advent.


TCL Auslan

In Auslan, this Term, students will understand that signs that look like the object they represent are called iconic. They will learn signs for farm animals and continue to retrieve and build on their use of depicting signs and colours. They will also be learning skills of enactment when imitating animal movements.

We look forward to having a wonderful term.


Natalie Bruzzese, Rachel Wilson and Jay Russell

Curiosity Learning Community


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