Faith & Mission

“All things are possible for those who believe, more to them who hope, even more to them who love.”

St Lawrence of Brindisi

Our Catholic identity is at the heart of our school. Our faith guides every decision, how we engage with our students, our parents and guardians and our local community. The culture at St Lawrence of Brindisi is shaped by our three Catholic values of respect, compassion, and justice.

Guided by our third foundational pillar, A Community Called to Love,  we are called to treat others with respect and dignity, and act with gentleness and compassion. Recognising that everyone is loved by God, we strive to act with justice and forgiveness. St Lawrence of Brindisi was renowned as a peacemaker and a man of learning. At St Lawrence of Brindisi we foster a love of learning, encouraging children to wonder, be creative and build positive, faith-filled relationships with others.

As a Catholic school, the celebration of faith is active and visible. Our children engage daily in prayer and reflection, and regularly participate in the celebration of liturgies and masses. Our parish priest, Father Fabian Smith, is an important member of our school community; he is often at school supporting the children in their Religious Education lessons or in leading our liturgies.

We create daily opportunities for our children to listen to gospel stories and understand the teachings of Jesus.  Religious Education not only empowers our children to learn about the biblical stories but how these stories can guide them in their daily lives; in their interactions with others and in their care for the world in which they live. We want our children to become productive citizens who can engage with others with respect, compassion and with justice.

As our vision states, we seek to embed a culture that empowers every member of our community to experience the fullness of life, a life that is enriched by faith and guided by the light of Christ.