St Lawrence of Brindisi has been developed around the engagement of our local community. This reflects our second pillar, A Community Called to Serve.

The old African proverb states, It takes a village to raise a child.  We understand that the ongoing growth and success of the children in our school requires us to build active, productive partnerships with our parents, guardians, and our local community. No educator will ever know a child as well as their parents or guardians and, therefore, the stronger the partnership between staff and parents and guardians, the better the outcomes for children.

We are committed to ensuring active, regular, and open communication with parents and guardians. We communicate promptly and openly on the progress of children and when important matters arise. All our staff understand the importance of this communication which is why you see every educator welcoming the children and their families at St Lawrence every morning and afternoon. Just as displayed in our school logo, St Lawrence of Brindisi is a school of welcome.

We empower parents and guardians to have an active voice in the development of the school. This occurs through the School Advisory Council, the school Community Team and through the many and varied ways parents and guardians can volunteer and contribute in the life of the school. It acknowledges that like our children, parents and guardians have a wide range of skills, interests and experiences that can positively contribute to our educational culture. This reflectives our second educational gateway, dynamic engagement with our environment.

At St Lawrence of Brindisi, we appreciate the importance of positively contributing to our local community. This occurs through our connection with our local parish, St Anthony of Padua, Melton South, through links to community organisations such as the St Vincent de Paul society and through building connections with local Wurundjeri groups and sustainability groups. As a newly established school in a fast growing area, we appreciate that we can support the local community through the use of our facilities and through the provision of Out of School Hours and Vacation Care services provided on-site by our partners, KellyClub.