Our School

Welcome to St Lawrence of Brindisi Catholic Primary School, our fabulous new Catholic Primary School in Weir Views.

I consider myself to be really blessed. Every day, I have the privilege of working with happy, funny, inspiring children, with a dedicated and gifted group of educators and staff and with supportive and active parents and guardians. Everyone in our school community is committed to creating a nurturing and dynamic learning environment for the children in our school.

Right from the start, St Lawrence of Brindisi has been founded on embedding a culture of engaging learning and empowering partnerships. We strive to create a learning environment that nurtures children and fosters a love of learning. Our children are encouraged to wonder, to explore, to be creative and have an active voice in their learning. We celebrate the place of parents and guardians in the educational journey of children, because we know that the success of their children will be greater if they work in partnership with them.

We are passionate about ensuring our school is a place where children feel safe, nurtured and respected. This is visible in the way we nurture our children, in the way we talk to them and engage with them, and in the way we support them in their learning and in their relationships with others.

We understand that children learn best when they feel safe, valued and when they have the self-belief that they can be successful. We believe every child can learn and achieve. This is what we seek for all our children – to be empowered to develop their unique blend of interests, talents and experiences so they live enriched and fulfilled lives that make a positive difference to our world.

Principal – Bill Hill