School Fees & Charges

All Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne charge fees to cover some of our expenses. St Lawrence of Brindisi has some of the lowest fees of any Catholic school in the diocese.

Our current fees are:

  • Family Fee (per family): $1,250/per year
  • Capital Levy (supports the repayment of our building loans – per family): $125/per year
  • Technology Levy (supports technology provision to students – per student): $70/per year
  • Curriculum Levy (covers stationery and consumables costs used by the children – per child): $350/per year
  • Excursion Levy (per student): Foundation – Grade6: $125/year
  • Camp (per student)  Grade 3/4: $275 & Grade 5/6: $400/year

Parents or guardians with a Health Care card can claim a rebate on their fees. If the payment of school fees becomes an issue, this should be discussed with the Principal. This will be kept in the strictest confidence.