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In Term Two’s Earth and Space Sciences unit, students will make observations and investigate how daily and seasonal changes affect us. They will look at how people, animals and plants change depending on the time of day and/or the seasons. Students will make observations and record daily weather patterns over a month. They will also investigate what materials provide shelter and protection from changing weather.


In Term Two’s Science unit, students will identify Earth’s resources, including water, soil and minerals and describe how they are used in a variety of ways. They will recognise why and how we should care for the environment and our natural resources. Students will plan and implement strategies considering conservation of resources to address sustainability and to meet needs.


In Term Two’s Science unit, students will investigate how and why natural processes and human actions change the Earth’s surface over time. They will identify evidence of change through exploring rocks and fossils and investigate how erosion is caused by human activity.


In Term Two’s science and technology unit, students will investigate major geological and extreme weather events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and drought. Through questioning, gathering evidence and developing explanations, students will understand how rapid or extreme natural events can affect the Earth’s surface and environment. Students will also research and investigate scientific and technological developments in measuring, predicting and minimising the effects of natural disasters.



Joanne Gianino

Science Specialist

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