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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to another exciting term for learning.

Below is an outline of the curriculum that we will be covering this term.


This term, in English, the students will be exposed to a variety of text types. They will be learning about different text structures and language features of narratives and recounts. Students will be learning about strategies used such as sounding out, chunking and blending of uncommon consonant and vowel clusters to problem solve words, for example ‘machine’ and ‘spoil’, in shared or guided reading

In Writing, students will continue to learn to write sentences using verb, prepositional and noun phrases. They will be writing to engage, inform and entertain the reader. Each week the students will be exploring digraphs, trigraphs and vowel clusters to assist with spelling and word knowledge.


In Term 2, we will be looking at addition and subtraction. Students will be developing their ability to automatically recall number facts involving these two processes and to use appropriate strategies when solving vertical equations. Students will be exploring 3D objects, where they will be required to identify and label a range of 3D objects using formal terms such as face, edge and vertices. Throughout the term, students will also participate in a number of chance activities and discuss the likelihood of certain outcomes occurring.


During our Investigations this Term we will be exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Students will be investigating stories of Aboriginal Elders past and present. They will be learning about the difference between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and how they survive off the land. Students will be exposed to Aboriginal dreaming through dreamtime stories, poems and songs.


In Term 2, students will be learning about Easter and New Life by exploring the story of Jesus’ rising on Easter morning from the Gospel of Matthew. Students will also learn about the Sacrament of Eucharist which will see a number of Year 3 students receive this Sacrament towards the end of the Term.

TCL Auslan

In Auslan this term, students will be learning that each sign has a specific handshape, location and movement and therefore if you change any one of these features you can change what the sign means. They will learn that they can shake their head to show the opposite of a sign as it is signed. The students will be learning to use their eyebrows differently to ask open and closed questions when communicating in Auslan.


We look forward to having a wonderful term.


Natalie Bruzzese, Rachel Wilson and Jay Russell

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