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Challenge Term 2 2023 Learning Overview


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Term 2 2023.

We hope you have had a wonderful break. We are excited to have the students come back for a busy and productive term of learning.

Student wellbeing is important and impacts their learning at school. To ensure that students are able to concentrate and learn well at school, it is important to provide them with enough food for their day. Please ensure to provide students with enough healthy food for both lunch and recess, a water bottle and a fruit snack for the day. We appreciate and thank you in advance for your support.

Below is an outline of the curriculum that we will be covering this term.


For our Investigations for this term, the students will be exploring the rich and personal stories from their families. We will be learning to conduct interviews to find out the significant events in a person’s life and what makes them significant. They will be creating detailed timelines and presenting them as part of a Learning Expo later in the term.


This term in Reading, the students will be continuing to work in their reading groups. They will be immersing themselves in reading non-fiction books and focusing on developing their comprehension and decoding skills.

For Writing this term, the students will be learning to develop how to create interesting texts. They will plan, draft, edit and publish their own pieces of writing as part of our Writer’s Notebook sessions. They will also be exposed to opportunities to create historical fictional narratives and historical information reports.


For Numeracy this term, the students will be developing their understanding on the following topics: Fractions, Volume and Capacity, Creating and Interpreting Data from Graphs


Students continued to communicate through Auslan authentically throughout the day in Term 2. They discovered how to identify open and closed questions by looking at the signer’s eyebrows. Students learned how to give and follow instructions, ask questions about the school day and ‘Can I?’ questions.


For Term 2, the students will be exploring the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as part of their learning about Pentecost. They will be further developing their understanding of the Eucharist by learning about the symbols and Traditions associated with the Sacrament. Towards the end of Term 2, the students will be learning about the Saints of the Catholic Church as part of their preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, which will happen in Term 3.


In Term Two’s science and technology unit, students will investigate major geological and extreme weather events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and drought. Through questioning, gathering evidence and developing explanations, students will understand how rapid or extreme natural events can affect the Earth’s surface and environment. Students will also research and investigate scientific and technological developments in measuring, predicting and minimising the effects of natural disasters.

Visual Art

In Term 2, students will be extending their learning of Australian history and immigration. Students will be introduced to the topic of artistic appropriation and how this can be achieved through the art form of collage. Students will view historical Australian artworks and consider how this artwork was perceived during this time in history; considering culture, gender, time and place implications. Challenge students will explore how Australia has changed and grown through immigration and reflect on how these artworks could be altered for today. Students will appropriate these artworks using collage to transform them into an artwork that reflects Australia in the present time.

Physical Education

Invasion / AFL and Soccer

In Term Two’s Health and Physical Education unit, students will participate in a range of ‘Game Sense’ activities for Invasion games with a focus on developing attack and defensive tactics.  In teams, they participate in these activities and experience team responsibilities, competition, tactical discussions and tactical skill development.


Students will be asked to consider:


  • What are some defensive tactics?
  • What are some offensive tactics?
  • How can you create space?
  • Why is it important to communicate with our team?

Students will learn skills and strategies that enable them to attack, defend, control, pass, shoot, create space, stop and look up the field. A major skill to be learnt is ball control; students will consider:

How can they keep the ball under control?

Which parts of the feet are they using to move the ball?

What can you do to protect your ball?

How can you dribble around your opponents?


Students will also be afforded the opportunity to compete in inter-school soccer tournaments.


Optional Home Learning Activities

We have provided simple home learning activities that children can do at home during the term.

Please note that they are not mandatory and are offered as optional home learning activities.


Please see the table below to access the optional home learning activities:


Reading Read a book for 20 minutes.

Watch a story read aloud on Storyline Online and discuss what you have read with family members using these literal comprehension prompts.


Writing Write a narrative of your choice. You can use this website to look at interesting picture prompts to inspire your stories.


Mathematics General Mathematics

Play Prodigy Maths games for 20 minutes.

Play Maths Games online for 20 minutes.


Watch this video about dividing fractions into equal parts.

Volume and Capacity

Watch this video about volume.

Play this game about capacity.

Interpreting Data and Graphs

Watch this video about ways to represent data.

Watch this video about data and graphs


Contact details:

If you would like to contact us via email, our email addresses* are:

Thomas Punzalan –



*Please note that we will endeavour to respond to emails within 24-48 hours within the working week.

We are not able to respond to emails after school hours.


Kind regards,

Jessica Minniti and Thomas Punzalan

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