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Please note:

All bread bags must be in by Friday the 4th of August. Our bins are getting nice and full but let’s try and bring in as many bags as possible before then. Every bread bag counts!


Wonder Recycling Program

We will once again be taking part in the Wonder Recycling Program. This allows us to collect bread bags to earn points towards new sports equipment. Our boxes have  arrived and I encourage everyone to begin collecting your bread bags now. Last year we were able to receive a handful of new balls for the students to play with during recess and lunch time. Hopefully we can get even more this year.

You can recycle any type of bread bag as part of the Wonder Recycling Rewards program! To clarify what we classify as a bread bag, read below:

The rule of thumb is that if it has contained bread of some sort and is a soft plastic, then it’s a bread bag. If it hasn’t contained bread, then it’s not a bread bag.

Do our bread bags need to be clean?

Bread bags should be as free from crumbs as they can be to keep the recycling process free from contamination (there is no need to wash them).

Collections will be open until the end of term 3.


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