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Dear Parents & Guardians,

We have reached the end of another very busy year. Our school community has continued to grow and flourish and we have continued to work hard to embed the foundations of our new school that we started in our first year.

I am really proud of what we have achieved so far. One of the things that I am particularly thankful for are the partnerships that we have developed with our parents and guardians. From my perspective, there is a reason that St Lawrence of Brindisi is the school of choice in the local area; it is due in part to the dedication and hard work of our amazing staff but it is also due to the engagement and relationships we have developed within our community. As I said at the Year Six Graduation last night, I love my job and I count myself really fortunate to be part of this amazing school community.

This year, we will farewell a small number of families who are either leaving our community as their children move onto secondary education or move to new schools. We hope that these families have valued their time in our school and wish them every blessing for the future. We farewell the:

  • Barwise family
  • Guianan family
  • Hamot family
  • Hudaverdi family
  • Jones family
  • Macdonald family
  • Makunga family
  • Portelli family
  • Rizk family
  • Sacris family
  • Tihi family

I wish all our families a wonderful, peaceful and restful Christmas holiday. At a time when there is so much sadness, hate and pain in our world, I really believe that it is important to remember the true meaning of Christmas, a time of hope, joy and consideration of others. We could all do with a lot more of this right now.

Have a wonderful holiday and a very holy, blessed Christmas.


God bless,

Bill Hill.




Advent Week 3:

The Third Week of Advent:

Rejoice! This third week focuses our intention on joy. Joy is a very real and deep happiness that is rooted in faith and trust. In this third week of Advent, we pause and reflect on the first half of the season, as well as look ahead to the last weeks. The joy that we have and will experience during this season magnifies as we continue to prepare for the coming of Christ, who is full of joy.


Prayer for the third week of Advent:

As we draw near to you, Lord God, keep us aware of your presence in all we do. Come with power to enlighten us by your grace, that we may live in praise and joy all our days.



Congratulations to the following Year 2 Discovery students who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation on December 8:

Ashtrid Cameron, Zhyrus Cordero, Archer Daniels, Ace Mcgregor-Evans, Astrid Evans, Mason Fiorenza, Akihiro Guianan, Tyrone Halligan, Ivan Joby, Sombo Elizabeth Kailie, Leticia Lippert, Angelina Marayag, Zayne Masiclat, Allen Maatouk, Ethan Mojica, Alexander Pado, Micah Pamvouxoglou, Teegan Pham, Heidi Philpot, Livinia Racanovic, Ciara Sepulveda, Izaiah Seno, Kara-Nani Taunuu Sione



We celebrate masses and liturgies in our school throughout the year, however, our beginning and end of year mass will always be celebrated in the parish church of St Anthony of Padua, recognising that our school is part of a bigger, parish community.

Our end-of-year mass at St Anthony of Padua will take place on tomorrow, December 15 at 10.30am. I hope that lots of parents, guardians and other members of our community come and give thanks for the year we have had by celebrating mass with us. Having it at St Anthony of Padua also means we can fit in a lot more parents and guardians. Please make time to attend.


Jamien Russell



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