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Visual Arts Curriculum Term Overview – Term Three, 2023 


Exploration Learning Community

In Exploration this term, students will be learning about the art form of printmaking. Throughout the term, students will investigate and experiment with a range of natural and manmade materials that can be used to make prints, connecting to their learning of materials in the classroom. Exploration students will then use their printmaking skills to create a final artwork and consider how they could display this to others. Throughout the term, we will investigate and study artists who have used printmaking in their practise and discuss different styles artists have and how they inspire us. Students will be supported to build their vocabulary around lines, colours, and shapes so that they can explain their completed art pieces in detail.


Discovery Learning Community

In Discovery this term, students will be developing their skills as artists within the art form of drawing. Students will be focussing on the subject matter of animals, which will support them in writing information texts in Writing. They will develop their technical drawing skills and notice the features of animals and draw them accurately. Discovery students will use a range of mediums such as pencil, watercolour, and oil pastel. Through using these art mediums, they will reflect on how the material they have used enhances the meaning and aesthetics of their artworks.


Curiosity Learning Community

In Curiosity this term, students will be developing their drawing skills through the art style of self-portraits. Students will analyse and reflect on the purpose, meaning and intentions artists have when created self-portraits and how they portray this to an audience. They will use a range of mediums such as pencil, watercolour, and collage to create a series of abstract and realistic portraits. Students will reflect on the message they want to send to their audience about themselves and how to portray this in different ways.


Challenge Learning Community

In Challenge this term, students will be engaging in a series of art masterclasses to support them in building their skills and confidence as artists. Students will study, analyse, and reflect on a range of artists with diverse art styles, techniques and subject matter. They will use their knowledge of different types of art and techniques to inspire and support their own art making. Students will experiment with a range of art forms such as watercolour, sketching, acrylic painting and photography to support them in finding their interests and preferences in Visual Art. Students will share how they may present their artwork to an audience in a way that will enhance the meaning and aesthetics of their artwork.


Shannon Nolan

Visual Arts Specialist Learning Community

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