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Term 2, Week 7 Bulletin

Dear Parents & Guardians

Last week, we held our first school assembly at St Lawrence of Brindisi for our Challenge Learning Community students.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our oldest students to celebrate their learning with our community and as a first assembly, it was a really positive foundation from which to build.

It was particularly encouraging to see a significant number of parents and guardians join us, including those who do not have children in the Challenge Learning Community. This is important, as it reflects a desire to celebrate the learning of every child in our community, not just our children. Surely, this should be one of the foundations of a successful school – that we believe and celebrate that all children can learn and be successful.



I have a request from our junior Learning Community Teachers.

As a new school, we are working towards building up of reading resources and this is an ongoing challenge we are addressing. They are, however, noticing that a number of the reading books that have been sent home with the children have either not come back to school or have come back with significant damage. This then means that these resources need to be replaced which is a further cost to the school.

It can also be very expensive when these books are part of a set as we cannot replace just one book but have to replace the whole set which obviously is much more expensive.

I am mindful that when we sent books home at the beginning of last year to be covered, a significant number were not returned which meant that we lost a lot of resources and, again, often one book from a set.

I would ask that parents and guardians make sure that our school reading books are being looked after when they are taken home and, when they are not being used, they are put back in the child’s take-home reader bag. These books should not be not given to younger siblings and babies unsupervised as I suspect this might be one of the reasons these books are getting damaged.

We have had an offer from one of our amazing School Advisory Council members, Bianca Baker, to come to school to help cover the books as this helps protected them. If you are able to assist Bianca, please let us know. This would need to take place at school so that we can keep track of these resources.



A very big well done and congratulations to the following St Lawrence of Brindisi students, who received the Sacrament of Eucharist on June 3 at St Anthony of Padua Parish:


Arashel Alatiit                       Wiana Angelo                Ruby Calipes                       Anthony Dar Thang

Amrich Domingo                  Diing Dut                       Lawrence (Grech) Rizzo

Hiroshi Guianan                  Rafielle Macaraig           Lord Zyrus Magtibay       Tobi Millare

Declan Nsereko                    Devon Nsereko              Brody Pettiford                  Alyssa Saliba

Sienna-Rose Savelio            Marianne So                  Xavier Spiteri













A further reminder that the reports for Semester One 2023 (barring an unforeseen technical issues) should be sent home on Friday, June 16.

The three-way conferences, will take place on Tuesday, June 20 and Wednesday, June 21 from 12.30pm, As previously stated, due to prior medical appointments, this will not involve Discovery 1 (Grace) and Discovery 2 (Kandi) on June 20 and Curiosity 3 (Rachel Wilson’s class) on both June 20 and 21. Any missed meetings for these classes will be rescheduled for the beginning of Term Three.


Please note that school will finish at 12.30pm on June 20 & 21 to accommodate these meetings.

It is an expectation of our St Lawrence of Brindisi that all parents and guardians make an appointment to meet their child’s teacher.




We apologise for the delay in sending out the booking details for these interviews. In the past, this has usually been completed by Caroline, however, she has been away from school for a while and Lorraine, who has taken over her role in her absence has also been unwell recently. I appreciate that parents and guardians are keen to book a time (which is great as it means that parents and guardians are keen to meet with us) but please be assured – we have not forgotten! We are getting to this; we are just juggling a number of tasks at the same time with less jugglers!


God bless,

Bill Hill.


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