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 Term 2, Week 5 Bulletin


Dear Parents & Guardians

Today, the children in our community participated in a very special event to raise money for a combined, Melton district Catholic schools’ donation to Exford Primary School. It was wonderful, though a little out of the ordinary to see all our children dressed in blue and they certainly enjoyed the barbecue (though I do smell a little like a pack of sausages!!)

I want to thank our community for your very generous donations. The admin team are still counting all the money we collected (which will be passed on to Exford Primary School via St Catherine’s who are coordinating this) but the rough total looks to be about $1,700 which is an amazing effort. Thank you!!

There might be some further activities we will do, just as a school to support Exford Primary School that will be coordinated through our new School Community Team led by Samone Dawson.


Last Friday May 12 we were excited to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with our Mum’s, grandmother’s and other special people. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and had fun taking photos in the photo booth. Our mum’s, grandmother’s and other special people were able to come into the classroom to do some craft and read stories. The children had a wonderful time with their mum’s, grandmother’s and other special people showing them around their classroom and it was a wonderful opportunity to share this special time with them. Thank you to all our mum’s, grandmother’s and other special people who were able to attend and we hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Kaye MacKinnon

On Mother’s Day, Saint Lawrence of Brindisi invited all mothers of students to come and join us in Mother’s Day events. In the morning we had breakfast, we got to eat raisin toast, croissants, grapes, strawberries and most importantly we had coffee and tea for our special mothers. My mum and I drew pictures of each other with all different colours and also did some cool Mother’s Day crafts. We also took a photo in the photo booth and were able to decorate the photo, put it in an envelope and pretend to give it to mum as a gift.

Alessia Discovery 1 

We had fun on Mother’s Day. We ate lots of food at breakfast with our Mum. We had some fun taking a photo in the photo booth and mum came into our classroom. We decorated a card and drew her a picture. Thank you for coming Mum.

Mia and Macy Valle – Discovery 5

Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day celebrations last Friday was amazing. I loved it so much and it was a great way to spend time with our mums. It was planned really well as students either can’t spend time with their mums as they go to school. Some mums work full time and go to work early and come back home late. I say that this was a great way for the children to be able to spend more time with their mums. This day was a great bonding time for mothers and daughter. I hope we can do something similar for Father’s Day later this year.

Ashlyn, Challenge 2

Mother’s Day at St Lawrence of Brindisi

At 7:45am the mothers, students, special friends and teachers were inside having the time of their lives. Some mothers were talking to teachers, lining up for the photo–booth or enjoying the buffet of breakfast.

In Challenge 1, the students, teachers and parents watched a special video about why the students taught their mothers were lovely. The mothers enjoyed seeing their child talk about them in such a lovely way. Some of them got teary because of how heartfelt the messages were. We finished the session by making photo frames to give to their precious mums.

Parthenia, Challenge 1



A reminder that the school photo’s, have been arranged for Tuesday, June 6.  It would be wonderful if we could get as many children as possible involved so, please avoid making other commitments on this day.



The reports for Semester One 2023 (barring an unforeseen technical issues) should be sent home on Friday, June 16.

The three-way conferences, will take place on Tuesday, June 20 and Wednesday, June 21 from 12.30pm, excluding Curiosity 3 (Rachel Wilson’s class) as Rachel will be absent for a medical procedure at that time. Her classes meeting will be rescheduled for the beginning of Term Three.

Please note that school will finish early on those days to accommodate these meetings. Parents and guardians requiring supervision for their children can contact Kelly Club. These details can be provided by the school administration office staff.

It is an expectation of our St Lawrence of Brindisi that all parents and guardians make an appointment to meet their child’s teacher. If there is a reason that you cannot make one of the scheduled times, it is important that you make another time to meet with your child’s teacher, ideally this term.



Last week, I sent out a list of teacher emails, however, I advertently misspelt these. Please find the correct emails below. Please note that as a policy, teachers will not guarantee a response outside work hours: 

Exploration Learning Community

Exploration 1: Helen Saunders:

Exploration 2: Annabelle Zekic:

Exploration 3: Renee Clapton:


Discovery Learning Community

Discovery 1: Grace Barrowcliffe:

Discovery 2: Kandi Barrowcliffe:

Discovery 3: Courtney Daly:

Discovery 4: Sarah Pace/ Skylah Ball:

Discovery 5: Kaye Mackinnon:


Curiosity Learning Community

Curiosity 1: Jamien Russell:

Curiosity 2: Natalie Bruzzese:

Curiosity 3: Rachel Wilson:


Challenge Learning Community:

Challenge 1: Thomas Punzalan:

Challenge 2: Jessie Minniti:


Specialist Learning Community:

Visual Arts: Shannon Nolan:

Science: Jo Gianino:

Sport: Steve Neal/ Alessio Mantello:


God bless,

Bill Hill.


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