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Term 2, Week 3 Bulletin

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope all of our mother’s and special friends have
left time in their busy schedules for our Mother’s
Day celebration tomorrow starting at 7.45am,
especially considering that due to COVID
restrictions, we were unable to celebrate this as a
school community last year.

We would love to develop this as an important
celebration that we can build on in future years
and becomes part of the culture of our new school
community. My thanks to all the staff and parents
who have helped organise this, particularly Kaye
Mackinnon, our Admin Team (Emma, Julie, and Kristy) and one of our parents and SAC members, Bianca Baker.

You should have been notified this week on some updates on this celebration. Please note that we are
organising a breakfast for our amazing mums, but we have not catered for all the children as this would be
logistically very difficult and I do have to be careful of my budget given that I am also trying to manage multi-
million dollar building projects!

The plan for tomorrow is as follows:
7.45 – 8.40am:    Mother’s Day breakfast in the Stage 1 collaborative space                                                                                                                    8.00 – 10.00am:  Photo Booth
9.00 – 10.50am:  Shared story time with the children in the classroom of the oldest sibling                                                                                                                             Craft Activity for mums and children in the classroom

10.50am: Close


As you will know from recent newsletters, we would like to implement
a School Community Team this year, with the intention that the first
meeting for this group, in Week 5 of this term. This group would meet
once a term with a focus on planning Community building activities, led
by the parent community. This group would report to the School
Advisory Council.

There have been a number of parents and guardians who verbally
expressed an interest in joining this group but I hope that you would appreciate, that I have many things to remember in running our school and I might not always remember who has told me something in passing. I am also getting old and with grey hairs comes less memory!

If you are interested in joining the School Community Team, I hope that you will make the effort to attend our meeting on Wednesday, May 24 @ 3.30pm.
I would encourage any parents or guardians who might be interested but might be concerned about the
commitments involved to at least come to the first meeting to see what is involved.
The School Advisory Council have been very clear in ensuring this team will have a different role to their
group and will not require too much commitment in the busy lives of our parents. I will try and catch up with
those parents and guardians who have expressed an interest. My apologies if I forget to speak to anyone.


As a reminder, (I have noted this in the newsletter) previously, unless this is part of a specific support plan
developed in consultation with the school, children should not be bringing toys to school to play with
outside. When these get lost or broken, we potentially have to support distressed students and this can
also cause some disagreements with other children.


I will again need to remind parents & guardians of some of the expectations in using the Kiss n’ Go. We
need to make sure that is being our Kiss n’ Go is being used as this reduces traffic and increases safety
around the school but it is important that it is being used safely. Unfortunately, there a small number of
parents who we regularly have to remind about these expectations. It is important that these are being
followed consistently by everyone in our community.

Please remember that you need to do a loop of the block before entering the kiss n’ go. Parents must not
let their children leave or enter their car on the roadside as this is inherently dangerous. Lastly, I know
some parents, particularly those with younger children sometimes need to get out to help their children but
this does slow the process down and we would ask you to try and avoid this if you can.


God bless,
Bill Hill.

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