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Term 2 Week 2 Bulletin


Dear Parents & Guardians,



Last call for any parents and guardians who are interested in joining our School Community Team. I would like to get the first meeting of this group organised within the next few weeks so if you are interested in joining and believe that you can make a positive contribution to the development of our school, we would love for you to join us. Please let me know if you would like to join or if you need further information.



This week, we sadly said farewell to Melinda Fraser, our Discovery 4 teacher. As I indicated in last week’s newsletter, Melinda has had to make this decision for health reasons but I thank her for her time and commitment in the short time she was a part of our community. Melinda has asked if she could come back for a visit later in the year, so this might not be the last time we see her.

Discovery 4 will now be taught by Skylah Ball and Sarah Pace, who have already started to get the class resettled after this change.

Next week, Renee will be away from school for the week and we will put appropriate plans in place to support her children during her absence.

You might also notice that our Deputy Principal, Caroline Madigan, has not been at school much this term. Caroline has had to take some time off to manage a heath concern which will keep her away from school for much of this term but hopefully will return for the final few weeks. I know all of you will wish Caroline well with her recovery.



Today, we are meeting with parents and guardians to develop a clear plan for our Mother’s Day celebration on Friday, May 12. Once this is determined, I will send out a more detailed plan tomorrow. The current thinking is that we will organise a breakfast for our mums and special friends before school, followed by some activities for our amazing mums. I hope lots of our mums and special friends are able to attend.



Just a reminder that parents and guardians collecting their children from the kiss n’ go need to do a loop of the block before entering the kiss n’ go rather than entering direct from Waterway Boulevard. I would also remind parents that children need to get out of their car on the path side not the road side. It would be preferable if parents and guardians stayed in the car rather than get out to let their children out as this will speed up the process. Lastly, no parent or guardian should block the exit to the kiss n’ go as this is a clear safety hazard for our children.



A reminder that all students are required to wear their winter uniform in Term 2 & 3.



God bless,

Bill Hill.


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