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Dear Parents & Guardians 

Finally – we’re in!! After a long delay, we were finally able to get our children into our new building. While for some the change will initially be bit a challenge, most of the children (and their teachers) were really excited to get into the new building. It’s now a process of ironing out some of the wrinkles. I know the staff are really looking forward to the new space (and also not having to park on the road!!) 

Yesterday we were able to hold our first mass for the year, Ash Wednesday, with all the children (minus the Prep) in our new building. The children were, as always, beautifully behaviour and very reverent but it was really wonderful to see that we could fit all of them in with room to spare.  


We have noticed that there are a number of parents or guardians bringing dogs to school when they drop off or collect their children. Some of these families have dogs that are assistance dogs to provide additional support to these children. I have spoken to these families about this matter but clearly, this is a necessary support that is required.  

I would ask, however, that other parents and guardians avoid bringing their dog onto the school grounds. If children crowd the dogs, as young children tend to do, there is a risk that the dog might become anxious or frightened and bite a child. I would also not want a dog to have a toilet ‘accident’ on the grass that a child accidently steps in.  


Last year, I was able to get hold of some resources for our new school from a school in Melbourne that was closing down. They gave me a TV, which at this time we have not been able to use, and which is currently taking up space. It is not new, but as far as I am aware, it is in working order. 

Rather than me put this in landfill, if any parent wants this, please let us know (first come, first served). Be warned, it is very heavy.  


We are hopeful that the kiss n’ go will be ready for next week (from Tuesday, February 28) We just need to sort out the expectations for the use of this zone and organise the staff duties so that this is properly supervised.  

With this newsletter we will be sending out a letter to parents and guardians regarding the use of the Kiss n’ Go. Tomorrow we will also send out a laminated name card with each family’s surname (the surname of your child as appears on the roll). This will help us determine which car goes with which child. 

The most important thing to remember is that our primary priority is the safety of our children. Parents and guardians must take great care when they are using the kiss n’ go as some of our children are quite small and we cannot be sure how much road awareness of they have. Also, we would ask you to remember that our staff are not crossing guards. I appreciate that times people can be in a hurry but I would hope that our staff are treated respectfully and if they ask you to follow an instruction for the safety of the children, this is followed.   


At the end of last year, we started negotiations with Melton City Council regarding the possibility of running a playgroup at St Lawrence of Brindisi. One of our amazing mums, Jaymi Le-Ung who is a member of our school advisory council and has prior experience in the childcare sector has volunteered her valuable time to run this group.  

We are still trying to determine the dynamics of this but it would probably be for 1½ to 2 hours each week for children from 6 months to 5 years old.  Any parents who would like their children to take part would need to stay with them, though Jaymi will supervise the running of this program with support from Melton City Council.  

Jaymi is looking for other parents who would open to supporting her to supervise this playgroup. You would need to be able to commit to a regular time each week and you would need to have a valid working with children card. If you think that you might be able to help or would like more information, please contact me at school. 


Just a reminder that our one student-free day for Term One will take place next Monday, February 27. This was announced in the school calendar that was sent out at the end of last year and again at the beginning of this year. The teachers will be working hard with a learning consultant on the teaching of writing. 

There is no school for students on Monday, (February 27). KellyClub is open for bookings if parents need this service. Their contact number is 0421 834 994. 


Another request relates to children bringing toys to school. I appreciate that on face value, it can look a little unfair, but there are some children who need toys to help them manage the school day and this is part of their particular program. Most of our children do not really need to bring toys to school and it can cause complications when they do. They can get upset if these get lost or accidently broken and it can cause unnecessary disputes with other children which can be very difficult to resolve.  

Now that our Preps have had a little bit of time to settle into their new school, we would request that unless they are a part of a specific program to support a child at school, personal toys brought from home really need to stay at home. 

God bless, 

Bill Hill 



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