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Hello St Lawrence Families and community!
It is an honour for me to introduce you all to our new coordinator Ms Puneet Kaur.
A little bio about Ms Puneet:
Ms Puneet Kaur’s cultural background is Punjabi but has lived in Italy most of her life.
She resides in our neighbourhood with her husband and her 2 beautiful children.
Ms Puneet loves craft, being active and cooking and will be an amazing asset to our team at St Lawrence OSHC.
We look forward to having Ms Puneet share her creative ideas with the children and she already fits right in!
Ms Adelle will be here and there to make sure Ms Puneet settles in ok. And will be here to help out now and then.
We do hope you all have time to come and meet Ms Puneet and make her feel welcome to our space.
Have a wonderful week St Lawrence Family!

Kelly Club OSHC Team

Phone:  0421 834 994



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