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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Term 1 2023.

Below is an outline of the curriculum that we will be covering this term.


During our Investigations for this term, the students will begin the year by exploring the topic, ‘What does it mean to be a good learner at St Lawrence of Brindisi?’ We will be developing our agreements and expectations that will help us to be and act safely, respectfully, justly and compassionately in our school. Later in the term, we will be extending this topic by exploring how we can actively support and contribute to our Challenge Learning Community.


This term in Reading, the students will start the year by learning about effective reading routines that help develop reading skills and stamina. We will be covering a variety of literature texts that students will read, watch and listen to, that will help them develop their comprehension skills.

In Writing this term, students will be building on their understandings about crafting their own persuasive and narrative texts. This is to support the Year 5 students in preparing for their upcoming NAPLAN Writing test later in the term, as well as provide useful practice for Year 6 students, who will have their opportunity to participate in the Year 7 NAPLAN test in 2024.


This term, the students will be developing their understanding regarding the following units: Number and Place Value, 2D Shapes and 3D Objects and Probability.


In Term 1, the students will be exploring what it means for humans to be made in the image of God and what that means for them as students at school and children in their families. Additionally, to assist in developing routines in a Catholic school, the students will continue to participate in daily prayers sessions. Throughout the term, we will also be learning about Religious Education topics such as Ash Wednesday, Lent, Forgiveness and Easter.


In Term 1, the students will be learning about Growth Mindsets and exploring concepts regarding Biology.

Optional Home Learning Activities

We have provided simple home learning activities that children can do at home during the term.

Please note that they are not mandatory and are offered as optional home learning activities.

Please see the link below to access the optional home learning activities:

Contact details:

If you would like to contact us via email, our email addresses* are:

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Jessica Minniti –

*Please note that we will endeavour to respond to emails within 24-48 hours within the working week. We are not able to respond to emails after school hours.

Kind regards,

Jessica Minniti and Thomas Punzalan

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